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Groups between 8 and 300 people have the option of booking an exclusive terrace. Whether you represent a Formula 1 team, a company, or a private individual, we are equipped to provide you an exclusive terrace that meets your exact needs and budget.

To begin the booking process for an exclusive terrace, we require the following information from interested parties:
- Preferred view of the track
- Budget
- Number of people (each apartment/terrace has a maximum capacity that must be taken into account)

After receiving your information, we will provide you a detailed, personalized quote that includes the following:
- Plans of the apartment and provisional setup
- Actual view from the apartment (illustrated by photos or a 360 Virtual Tour if available)
- Photos of apartment, completely setup for race day (the specific setup will depend on your preferred level of service, i.e. 5-star or 3-star service)

Feel free to contact us for any requests or questions, or for an example of this proposal.

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